Challenge Winner

While there were many great direct actions during the 2012 RNC, there was one that stood out as an action that not only was effective in capturing media attention, but the action itself was the message.

We would like to commend Earth First! for preventing 21 trucks trying to feed TECO’s Big Bend Power Plant for over 4 hours, linked the plant’s operations to the corporate-funded political system and shut down the Port of Tampa temporarily.  They did this through a complex action with activists chaining themselves together to block the road while over a hundred demonstrators stood by in support combined with clear messaging justifying their act and sharing their concerns with the world through media.

Read more from Earth First! on their website.

Without a planet to sustain us, no other issues matter.  Earth First! highlights this critical issue through a successful action, and all of their activists who participated walked away without injury or arrest.

Imagine what a sustained direct action of this type can do across the nation to pressure the system into finding alternatives to how we interact with the planet. Such as the Tar Sands Blockade currently blocking the Keystone Pipeline.