“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
-John F. Kennedy

This is critical.  The further we get from effective nonviolent action, the more likely that the situation which continues to get worse in our country as well as the planet will push people to desperate acts. If we fail to show effective nonviolent action, the more likely violence will erupt, and that creates larger problems of its own. We must be the leaders of nonviolent struggle, but more importantly it must be EFFECTIVE!

SO OUR CHALLENGE TO YOU (as well as other organizing groups):

  1. Gather your affinity group.
  2. Study the maps on our website (more to come and will outline very detailed points of interest, so check back often) as well as our resources.
  3. Brainstorm with your affinity group to come up with innovative, creative actions that will be EFFECTIVE.
  4. Plan your actions according and come to Tampa prepared to implement.
  5. ACT!


We will be giving out awards for the most outrageous and effective action.  Details to follow.  However there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze award. If your action sparks a revolution, then we will issue a Platinum award!


You must first envision the action as being possible, then you can easily make it a reality.

We need to push through the barriers of tactics that have not worked for decades and show the spirit of revolution is alive and well in this country.

It’s up to YOU!

Other Possible Awards

Brandon Darby Award – If you out a dumb ass informant, send in your photos of this person who puts everything we work so hard for at risk.

What the Fuck Bro? Award – For those actions that are lame, puts people in unnecessary danger, and hinders the movement.