Free Speech Project July 3, 2012

City of St. Petersburg, City Council
175 Fifth St. N
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

July 3, 2012

City Council,

As the RNC is coming to St. Petersburg for the opening ceremonies at Tropicana Field, I know that you are being schooled right now by Homeland Security, Secret Service and perhaps even ACLU to buy into a state of fear and are being urged to create an oppressive ordinance at the expense of our rights.

You can stand strong and reject the fear mongering. We have a strong community and we can work together to provide alternatives to oppressive laws that do not belong in a democracy. The people coming to protest are both residents of Tampa Bay as well as guests from other cities and states across our nation. They are here to speak out for equality, an end to war and a healthy environment. These people are like you and me. We do not need to buy into the fear that the federal government dupes local governments into believing so it can further its agenda of a surveillance state.

Let’s work together and focus the energy of the protests instead of try to control a free people. We already have a farmer’s market in the EDGE District that will take place across the street from Tropicana Field on August 26th. Why not sponsor a celebration of freedom and democracy in addition to the market? By supporting a large celebration for our residents, and for our guests, we show the nation that St. Petersburg is forward thinking and creates positive solutions to the challenges we face.

First, stand strong against the pressures of the federal agencies that pedal the same failed policies from all the past cities who hosted National Special Security Events, and support your community by building a large celebration that focuses the energy of the people into something positive.

I request a meeting to discuss this further.


Amos Miers
Free Speech Project