Free Speech Project June 5, 2012

Mayor Foster,

I recently spoke with a journalist who stated that the City of St. Petersburg may be considering an event zone for opening night of the RNC at the Trop similar to what the City of Tampa has created for the following four days of the RNC.

My first question is, are these ideas being considered?

If so, I would like to open a dialogue in order to do something a little different in St Pete. I believe the way Tampa handled the process did not match with a democracy. St Pete seems to be much different. I witnessed firsthand how well you and City Council listened to the people in regards to the People’s Budget summits. It is with that observation that my hope is that St Pete is more mature and evolved than Tampa. In fact I have seen how St Pete has made better choices in its development for quite awhile now.

With that, I believe we can foster something that builds unity and community through an event like the RNC as well as how it is handled. Furthermore, we can be a beacon for the rest of the nation on how to handle events like these. For the last few decades events like these have only furthered the divide in our country. It does not have to be this way, and I think St Pete is in a perfect position to be the first to shift the energy of how our nation handles this sort of situation…in a way that exists in a democracy.

It is my hope that we become a stronger St Pete through the process. Let me know if an event zone is being considered, and if so, I would like to discuss some ideas I have that can foster democracy in an event like this. I think we can really do some positive work here. And when the residents and local government work together we can only become a better community for it! Regardless of whether this is being considered, I have been exploring an event in St Pete during the opening ceremonies. So I would need to discuss my ideas to make sure we follow City guidelines either way.

And if the City sponsored our project, a Free Speech event, well, that would be a powerful statement.

Thank‐you for your time,

Amos Miers
Free Speech Project