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Check out our intelligence maps for locations of friendly support locations like convergence centers, friendly local businesses etc.  as well as maps showing  points of interest such as locations of delegate hotels and banks, corporations, weapons manufacturers and other institutions that uphold the oppressive power structure.


Obama has approved 50 million dollars to go to the city of Tampa for “security” during the RNC. This is matched by 50 million for the DNC in Charlotte as well. TPD, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, Florida National Guard, Homeland Security and the Secret Service will be in charge of security. The 50 million will be used for armored vehicles, surveillance cameras, and extra officers. An estimated 4,000 police officers will be in downtown Tampa during the convention.  1,700 members of the National Guard are expected to be on site as well. Security will be concentrated in the Green Zone which will establish a legalized police state up to a 5 mile radius around downtown Tampa. This leaves the rest of the city and Bay area open and available for decentralized actions. People that require the law enforcement to be everywhere, ensure law enforcement cannot be effective anywhere.

Homeland Security

There are confirmed reports from downtown business owners that Homeland Security is interested in putting snipers on the rooftops of buildings over 15 stories and is interested in buildings with access to Tampa’s underground tunnel network as well as access to each buildings internet capabilities.  They also claim there is a good chance of checkpoints into downtown.

Free Speech and Peaceable Assembly

The City of Tampa requires permits for that.  We believe our free speech zone is one square meter around our bodies. We need not ask permission for this, as it is ours as long as we breathe. And when we stand together, our free speech zone grows, and moves with us, anywhere we wish to march.

Second Amendment?

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn is now asking for Governor Rick Scott to ban firearms that are legally permitted by Florida’s current laws, and the US Constitution. As of now, firearms, pepper spray and tazers are exempt from the ban if you have a concealed weapons permit. If you do not have a permit, here is where you can apply for one. 

*We are not suggesting it is a good idea to carry firearms into a protest.

First an attack on our First Amendment, now an attack on our Second? How far will we allow the state to go to keep us safe?

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” -Benjamin Franklin


Tampa is currently installing surveillance cameras able to read a number 3 inches high at 300 meters in the day and identify people and vehicles at 100 meters in the dark. Many of these would be mounted on light poles. The cameras will probably be in place by July 1st.

The city is also looking for a sophisticated video management system that can “intelligently recognize normal and abnormal behavior, without the need for human interaction.” The Tampa City Council has already approved two major purchases by the police department: a $272,000 armored vehicle and a $1.2 million communication system that will modernize the city’s helicopter-based surveillance. $300,000 radio controlled helicopters will be flying overhead during the convention. Information on how to fly your own is located here, if you would like to give them some company.

Will this be a repeat of RNC ’08?

For a comprehensive research/ archive library of the RNC ’08 Report, visit this link. This is a huge, online, full text library, tagged, organized and searchable, from the previous RNC in Saint Paul, MN.

Marvel at the essays on mass arrests, watch several full length documentaries, and browse the city’s $130k “investigation” into policing, headed by ex-cops and people who make their living selling software to cops.

Browse FBI press releases and anarchist Twitter feeds, compare security zone maps or browse artwork, check out the infiltrator archives, read commercial or independent media coverage, follow the court cases from their beginnings to ends.

It’s all there.

ATTENTION: Tampa officials, the GOP and the RNC host committee need your help!
Organizers of this summer’s Republican National Convention are looking for volunteers to help the convention delegates find their way around Tampa. See the Video.


To “Volunteer” with the RNC please visit this site:

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