Non-Oppression Policy

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  1. Respect people’s physical and emotional boundaries.
  2. Always get explicit verbal consent before touching someone.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions. Remember that your actions affect people, despite your intentions. Remain aware of how your language and behavior might influence others.
  4. Put simply: don’t speak or behave in ways that perpetuate oppression.

To resist, we must heal; to heal, we must resist.

We are resisting capitalism and militarism in large part because it acts without accountability to or consent from the people it fucks over. Let’s not replicate the same domination and abuse that we’re claiming to oppose. ResistRNC recognizes that sexual assault*, racist behavior and so on are rooted in broader systems of oppression—such as patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, homophobia, and colonialism—and is not separable from them. Thus, our efforts must also include transforming the political conditions that reinforce oppression. We must dismantle these systems and work to prevent the causes of sexual violence and other oppressive behaviors if we hope to end them.

ResistRNC does not welcome perpetrators of sexual violence or persons with histories of abusive and/or harassing behavior. These persons are not welcome at events or in spaces organized by resistRNC.  If you have a history of violent, abusive or harassing behavior, have completed an accountability process and the survivor of your acts, joined by your community, feels you have sufficiently dealt with your shit, only then would we invite you to participate. If you are a survivor of violence, abuse or harassment, know that resistRNC has a policy against such acts and seeks to foster an environment safe from this harm.

This policy intends to reject the status quo, the dominant rape culture and patriarchy which surrounds us and threatens our movement. By rape culture, we mean a culture that condones sexual violence, excuses it, and even encourages it. Most of the time, we ignore instances of oppression, violence, and rape. This originates from a broader culture of violence where we encourage people to inhabit different positions in hierarchical relationships, to commodify their fellow human beings, and to relate to each other through violence and coercion. The overall goal of this policy is to ensure a safe, non-oppressive atmosphere in which community involvement contributes to holding people accountable for their actions and helps eventually transform all involved towards a greater respect for gender, race, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other differences; and thus towards individual and collective liberation.

* Sexual Assault – any non-consensual sexual interaction. Sexual assault happens, and it happens in activist and radical communities as much as anywhere else. Sexual assault is a tool of domination, of taking power, and can rob someone of their self respect, self worth, and autonomy. Silence, passivity, and coerced acquiescence do not qualify as consent, nor do body movements or non-verbal responses necessarily constitute consent. Further, if someone is intoxicated, they may not be in a position to give you consent. Consent includes asking, listening, and respecting; it does not include coercion, expectations, or assumptions. Visit our anti-oppression resources.

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