Press Release July 3, 2012

City Council Member Capin,

The public viewing area is close to the Forum, so thank you for the location. However the way it is proposed to be managed is still problematic. Fencing it in, and requiring further restrictions upon entering the compound smacks the face of liberty. I don’t understand how a cage can be designed for guests of our city and be also considered something that belongs in a democracy. Would you willingly relinquish your rights and enter this cage yourself?

I first came before City Council as a resident and business owner of Tampa to ask the Council Members to do the right thing and vote down the unconstitutional ordinance that propagates an agenda to establish a surveillance state. I also, as the founder of the Free Speech Project, proposed an alternative to the mayor of an ordinance that only serves to create the very thing that the council was tricked into becoming scared of, a battle. The federal government has made our council members, as well as our residents, scared of the guests coming to speak out for a fair economy, an end to war, and a clean environment. Are these things scary to the public? Or is it scary to the status quo of the profit for multi‐national corporations?

I come to you not only as a resident of Tampa for the last nine years, but now as an organizer of 40+ groups coming to participate in protesting one of the two parties that no longer represent the people. These groups now want to protest the City of Tampa as well for the way it is handing itself in preparations for the RNC, and I stand with them.

I believe there is still time to turn around what will sure to be a stain on our city if left to continue as planned. I propose that our group, resistRNC, manage the Public Viewing Area for the City. Of course we would have to reach an arrangement for the conditions of the site, such as the removal of the ordinance in this zone, as well as the removal of the fencing around the site.

The guests coming to join the residents of Tampa Bay are main stream America. I know you voted down the ordinance. Will you join with us and find a solution to create a stronger community, or allow the rights of the people to be trampled upon?


Amos Miers