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RNC ’08 Report – This is a huge, online, full text library, tagged, organized and searchable, from the previous RNC in Saint Paul, MN.

Marvel at the essays on mass arrests, watch several full length documentaries, and browse the city’s $130k “investigation” into policing, headed by ex-cops and people who make their living selling software to cops.

Browse FBI press releases and anarchist Twitter feeds, compare security zone maps or browse artwork, check out the infiltrator archives, read commercial or independent media coverage, follow the court cases from their beginnings to ends.

Helpful documents (downloadable PDFs):

  • Security Culture– Those who belong to a security culture also know what behavior compromises security and they are quick to educate those people who, out of ignorance, forgetfulness, or personal weakness, partake in insecure behavior. Version 2 is laid out so as to allow a saddle stitch (two staples along the spine of the document) double sided document for easy booklet making.
  • Beyond Violence and Nonviolence – Essay by Starhawk about the need to go beyond divisive debates over violence and nonviolence and unite over “empowered direct action.”
  • Fight the Man (and get away safely) – This guide tries to fill in, where typical non-violence trainings may leave out, practical advice on how to get out of such situations without going to jail or the hospital, and without compromising your body or your voice.
    • How to remove plastic zip ties

  • Taser Resistant Outfit

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Intel | Maps | Action | Green Zone & Permit Info | Resources | Medical