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To those attending the RNC to question the government, exercise first amendment rights, and present your message to the world at large through global media outlets, here are our recommendations as well as our mission and strategy to support your endeavors:

“Those skilled in war bring the enemy to the field of battle and are not brought there by him.” -Sun Tzu, Art of War

The Green Zone is established with $50 Million in security efforts including over 4,000 law enforcement officers and 1,700 members of the National Guard.  Tampa passed an oppressive ordinance which strips rights, and makes virtually every participant an outlaw immediately by stepping foot onto downtown.  They have given the vast majority of the public parks to the RNC host committee and left very little in the way of public space on which to operate.  With an extensive propaganda campaign to demonize the protester, local residents are instructed to fear the protester, and right wing groups have sent in death threats.

Does this stop us from standing up for truth and justice?  NO!  As Mark Twain says:

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”

So we move forward, and we can do it together.

Listen to our interview on the Alan Colmes Show where we discuss these issues:

What the Power Elite want

It is clear they want to engage in battle.  On a beautiful outdoor park, which could have held many wonderful demonstrations and activities of local resident and guests from across the nation and show Tampa as a supporter of democracy, they instead dangle a 30,000 SF building (an ultra lounge to entertain the power elite) in front of people who want to increase the minimum wage, end wars, save our planet and find peace.

They want a battle to prove that protesters are violent, to justify the military industrial complex and the $50 million security budget.

This is a trap.  When the opponent is powerful, and they prepare the battlefield, it is not strategic to engage them.

Within the Green Zone, to win is to show that we can de-escalate.

When the Authorities want to escalate, we show our strength and discipline by not complying.  We cannot win in this territory any other way.  As we expect you to be provoked, we recommend extra attention to maintaining discipline of your peaceful demonstrations in these areas.

Build our strength through unity and discipline

We live in a police state that is in its final stages of completion. With our current resources, this cannot be defeated through direct confrontation and will put our goals further away.  We need to unite under common goals, develop clear strategies, and engage in carefully chosen tactics to achieve victory.

As you share your message with the world, use your time while in the Green Zone to network, share ideas, and discuss these goals, strategies and tactics for the next phase of the larger movement towards social, economic and environmental justice.

Law Enforcement needs to be on the side of the people

To win the types of goals the people seek, law enforcement needs to back the people.  After all, those who are responsible for the problems that we all want to find solutions for are being perpetuated by those who the police are protecting. Law Enforcement need to be reminded whose side they should be on.  And there are Law Enforcement who silently support protesters. We need to show the rest of their brothers-in-arms that they have it backwards and they need to protect us and question their orders. This does not mean we let the police off the hook for their past behavior. This is offering them a way forward should they choose to stand for truth and justice.

We can stand with the police who stand for the protesters.

What resistRNC commits to

We commit to counteracting the Power Elite’s plans for battle. We will help by acquiring private land across downtown, where we can shade, shelter and provide food, water and medical support to release the intentionally created pressure meant to disorient and distract the participants speaking out against a corrupt system.

We will release the steam created by design from authorities meant to provoke a struggle between police and protester, which if it occurs will leave the Power Elite laughing safely from their luxury boxes. We all know who is responsible for this heightening of tensions and commit ourselves to sending a clear message that a radical and compassionate alternative is possible.

This will cost money, and we need your help.  Please consider donating by clicking the following link:

Donate with WePayIf you do not agree with our recommendations that is your choice and we will respect that choice.  We still do not tolerate any oppression of any kind.  We will support those who find themselves subjected to any form of oppression.  Whatever you choose to do, act from compassion and with a critical mind.

We wish you all success as we struggle forward together for a world that works for everyone and everything.

Outside the Green Zone

Go to our map and pick a place you would like to visit and tell them what you think of them!

*All information on this site is gathered from simple internet searches from websites such as news articles, government websites and other informational open source outlets. This is a resource for non-violent protesters and participants of the 2012 Republican National Convention. The same people who strive everyday to make this world a better place.