Since its launch in November 2018, Resist RNC has become the preferred source of information for mutual fund representatives, securities advisors, financial security advisors and financial planners. Sixteen times a year, more than 30,000 investment professionals read Finance and Investment. This tabloid publication is available by subscription only.

The editorial team presents a complete overview of news affecting the financial sector in Qu├ębec, but also in Canada and abroad. Finance et Investissement offers monthly special features, exclusive rankings – the Top 25 in the financial industry, the Top 9 in Quebec, the Regulators’ Score and the Top 11 in multidisciplinary advisors – profiles of executives and managers, and expert opinions in the various financial services fields: The newspaper provides independent and quality journalistic coverage of the financial services industry. It was Finance and Investment that revealed the Norbourg scandal.

Regular sections frame the whole:
The News section deals with financial news in detail;
The Products and Insurance section goes beyond the traditional analysis of the best performing financial products in the market and offers a new perspective on the life and health insurance sector (life, annuities, segregated funds, etc.);
The Economics and Research section provides the latest theories, studies and statistics on specific topics;
The Business Development section is full of tips, tricks and tricks;
The Editorial and Analysis section presents the editorial.