Air conditioning construction for Dresden

Air conditioning construction for Dresden

High summer temperatures are very welcome on the beach. But if you are sitting in the office in extreme heat or if you want to get enough sleep after a strenuous working day, the heat can be quite exhausting. With the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems, you can remedy the situation and ensure pleasantly cool interiors. Heizungsbau Ritter, as a certified specialist company, is your ideal contact for all aspects of cooling and ventilation.

Climate completely from Daikin for a pleasant home in summer

We are specialists for controlled domestic ventilation with heat recovery from Viessmann and Paul. We also install these systems in old buildings, i.e. your inhabited house, without any problems and carry out all dry construction and painting work.

Through the heat exchanger in the cellar or attic, the old used up humid air is led outside, the heat exchanger heats up the fresh air from outside, which is supplied to your living rooms with the energy of the old used up air. This is standard in new construction and low-energy house. So the occupants constantly have fresh air, no noise and draughts when ventilating and no more heat is lost.

Heizungsbau Ritter – Your expert for assembly and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems

As a specialist for Escondido, CA heating and cooling, we offer you various air conditioning and ventilation units depending on your needs and general conditions. As experts in heating construction, we have both mono air conditioners and inverter split units as wall and ceiling units in our range. Our air conditioners come from the brands Daikin, Mitsubishi and Thoshiba.

The qualified specialists at Heizungsbau Ritter take care of the planning and installation of your suitable air conditioning system. With full motivation, our well-trained staff provides a pleasant room climate and thus both for concentrated work and a pleasant sleep.

Advantages of air conditioning and ventilation systems:

✓ Optimum room temperature around the clock
✓ Increased concentration and performance
✓ Reduction of the risk of mould formation by drying the air
✓ Removal of odours and pollutants by filtering the air

Professional maintenance from professionals for air conditioning & ventilation systems

After the installation and assembly of the air conditioning/ventilation units, regular maintenance is essential to ensure full performance and functionality. Maintenance avoids downtimes caused by engine damage and fire hazards. Regular checks also have an effect on the energy efficiency of the air conditioning/ventilation unit. Health reasons are another important factor in favour of servicing your air conditioner.

The creeping process of germination of the air conditioning system leads to the formation of microorganisms and pollutants. The permanent inhalation of this polluted air can have negative consequences for your health. Bacteria, moulds and viruses can cause breathing problems and headaches.

Types of air conditioning and ventilation systems at Heizungsbauer Ritter

At Heizungsbauer Ritter we offer you various types of heating and ventilation systems. We offer you mono air conditioners and inverter split air conditioners to find the optimal solution for every office and every home.

Monoblock air conditioner

Monoblock air-conditioning units are decentralised systems which are suitable for cooling individual rooms and can be used as mobile units. In monoblock air conditioners, an exhaust hose is often discharged from the window to dissipate the warm air. This type of air conditioner consists of only one single module, which ensures compact and fast operation. In addition, no complicated installation is necessary and can be used without modification work.

However, the disadvantage of having a single module is that mono air conditioners are louder than split air conditioners because the loud compressor is inside. As described in more detail for the costs, the acquisition costs of mono air conditioners are very low, but more energy is needed compared to split units, which results in higher electricity costs.

Inverter split air conditioner

Split air conditioners are systems with two separate components. The cooling unit is located in the interior, during which the compressor is installed on the outside of the house. This has the advantage that no loud operating noises can be heard in the building.

Split air conditioners are very efficient and cool better than mono air conditioners. The good performance, however, also affects the purchase price of this type of system. The separate components, which have to be mounted on the inside and outside of the building, lead directly to a more complex installation.

Overview of the costs of your air conditioning and ventilation system

Depending on the type and size of the selected air conditioning/ventilation system, the individual costs for acquisition and maintenance vary. Both the unit processing and the cooling capacity are accordingly responsible for the costs.

While mobile air conditioning systems are available at prices of 100 to 1,000 euros, permanently installed split air conditioning systems are a more cost-intensive purchase. These can be purchased from a value of 1,000 to 4,000 euros.

With regard to operating costs, however, the cost distribution looks exactly the other way round. With mono air conditioners, approx. 24 cents per hour must be expected, whereas with the more expensive split air conditioners, only approx. 17 cents per hour are incurred on average.

Accordingly, there is not the right solution and depending on the workplace or home, it is necessary to choose the appropriate air conditioning / ventilation system.

Do you need help in selecting the optimal air conditioning/ventilation system for your home or office? As a master company, we will be happy to advise you and offer you a quality service on all aspects of air conditioning and ventilation. Just get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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